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Scentsy Independent Consultant’s Color Street is a top-selling fragrance that is designed to make your customers feel more comfortable.

It is also highly effective in promoting a positive image of your brand. 

“It’s a great fragrance for a company to use in their social media posts,” said Rachel L. McBride, CEO of Scentsys.

“The color is really powerful.

It has an uplifting quality.”

The scent can be applied as a perfume, on top of your cosmetics, body wash, and body spray, and can also be used in makeup.

“It works really well with any body product that you would normally apply,” said Lacey C. Trombetta, founder of Scales of Change, a cosmetics and personal care brand.

“I use it with all of my cosmetics.”

The fragrance is a great product for brands that have a diverse clientele.

“We want to work with brands that can cater to everyone,” said McBride. 

Ascents is a fragrance that uses a blend of different plant oils to create a unique scent. 

The company, founded in 2012, has grown rapidly in popularity since its debut in 2014.

The scent is a perfect blend of citrus and tropical fruits, which lends the scent an exotic quality. 

Scentsy also has a collection of lip balms, shampoos, and other products, which are designed to help your customers achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

“It has the power to make people feel great and have a glow,” said Tromba.

“When you have a product that is really effective, it’s a very powerful thing.” 

Scales of Changes recently launched an ad campaign in partnership with the beauty and wellness brand La Vie En Rose, featuring the fragrance in its brand name. 

Tromba, McBride and others like them are trying to make their products a part of everyday life.

“Our clients are really happy to have us on their websites and their social platforms,” said C.T. McBeth, president and CEO of the nonprofit foundation Shine, which has been providing personal care products and services to clients for more than a decade. 

La Vie En, which also owns the La Vie Estérie fragrance, is a member of the Beauty and Wellness Companies Network, which helps companies like Scentsies and Scales offer quality services. 

McBride, the founder of the brand, said she’s had clients who come in and ask to purchase a product or sample a scent because it was the first time they had ever heard of Scalsys. 

If you or anyone you know needs help or advice about using a scent, call Scentsypool on 1-800-222-7678. 

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