Aussie couple who cheated on their first baby to get away with it face jail time

AUSTRALIA’S most popular porn star is facing a jail term after she pleaded guilty to three counts of making a false statement to the police.

Key points:Babette Lefebvre and her ex-boyfriend, Michael Jackson, allegedly lied about having sex with their first child in order to escape chargesThe pair allegedly made false statements to police and blackmailed their former partnerMichael Jackson, 69, and his then-girlfriend Babette Lecebvre, 38, were arrested in March after an investigation into the allegations revealed the couple’s secret relationship.

Jackson, who has previously admitted to having sex while in a relationship with a prostitute, has admitted to three separate incidents of sexual assault.

He pleaded guilty in October to two counts of perjury, two counts false imprisonment and two counts inciting sexual activity with a child.

Lefebrieves lawyer told the court the couple were both “deluded” and “foolish”.

“They had no idea what they were doing and they were going to go to jail,” barrister David Burt told the Sydney Magistrates Court.

“We have no doubt that the outcome would have been very different had they continued to deceive and to hide from police.”

They were not the victims of this.

“Jackson pleaded guilty for the first time in the case last week.

He told police Babette had cheated on him with a former lover before the couple split up and Jackson was arrested.”

Bab had a very good relationship with Michael, she was very much in love with him,” Jackson’s lawyer said.”

But there was an incident in March where she made a false report of having had an affair with Michael.

“Jackson, 65, was jailed for 18 months, with a further eight months suspended, after being found guilty of one count of making an allegation of assault with intent to cause actual bodily harm.

Lecebreves lawyer said Jackson had no intention of getting off scot-free.”

Michael was a great man, a loving father and friend,” she said.’

He was just doing what anyone else would do’The trial heard the couple had allegedly slept with the same man in their relationship for years, and he had threatened to expose Jackson and Babette for what they did.”

He was a nice, kind man,” lawyer Stephen Ransom told the Magistrates.”

The fact that he was doing what most men would do when they were in love and he was just getting on with his life was really a shock to him.””

He just thought he could do whatever he wanted.

“Jackson’s lawyer told court Jackson was a father to a three-year-old daughter and a nine-month-old son and his wife was also pregnant.”

She was very supportive,” he said.

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