India’s Aditi Group is looking for ‘surgical innovation’ experts

India’s aditi group has set up a consultancy firm that specializes in technology and robotics.

The company, which was launched by Aditi, is looking to hire up to five highly skilled professionals in technology, robotics, machine learning, 3D printing, and other areas, according to an email to employees posted by the company on its website.

“Aditi has a long history of pioneering the field of robotics and automation and its expertise will help Aditi and other leading global firms achieve their mission of innovation in healthcare and life sciences,” the email stated.

“This is a highly motivated and well-respected group of highly-skilled individuals with the skills required to bring cutting edge technologies to healthcare and medical technology firms across the world.”

The firm will have a staff of 10 to 15 people, including its founders, as well as consultants who will provide technical support.

“The focus is to attract highly skilled individuals with a strong focus on innovation and development of technologies and services, which will further enhance the quality and value of our healthcare and healthcare services,” the firm’s website states.

Aditi also runs a number of medical technology startups in the US and Europe, including one in Bangalore.