‘A lot of work to do’: Accenture’s CCO on job creation

CCO Steve O’Sullivan says his new role is an “absolute nightmare”.

“I’m going to be doing all the work,” Mr O’Sullivan told the ABC on Thursday.

“You’re not going to have a team in the office, you’re not even going to get an appointment with the CEO.”

Mr O’Shanly, who was appointed chief executive officer of Accentures last week, said the role is not an easy one.

“It’s an absolute nightmare,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of time, a lot more than I would have thought possible.”

“We’ll be working with an executive team and a team of people to do this, and I’ll be trying to do everything I can to get that done.”

But it’s a massive job.

“Mr Coombs said it is an unusual role for the new CCO.”

I think there’s a lot that’s been worked out in the previous two years about the structure of the organisation,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

And so I think we’ll be able to make some pretty good decisions about the future.

“The changes are in response to the fact that the business consultant category is growing in popularity, Mr Coombs added.”

The growth is definitely accelerating in terms of how the business consultancy industry is changing, and we’re seeing more of a diversification of the roles that we’re trying to support,” he explained.”

So we’re going to make sure that we support the industry, we’re working with some of the big players in the industry to support the growth.

“Covered by ACAC?

The Accentured’s new CFO Steve O ‘s new role will see him focusing on recruiting, recruitment and retention.

What you need to know about the ABC’s new chief executive, CCOSteve O’Sandys job is expected to be filled by the end of September.