When the paparazzo stops visiting the White House, Trump’s son-in-law is taking on the pap, a new biography says

The New York Times, which has long been a loyal Trump booster, is publishing a book Wednesday detailing the son- in-law’s rise and fall as a business adviser to Donald Trump, from his early days as a successful real estate developer to his ascendance to the White Senate in 2020.

Trump has been on the campaign trail touting the book as a history of the man, the presidency and his business, which he called “a total disaster.”

The Times said it chose to make the book public after Trump was accused of having sexually assaulted women decades ago.

The book’s title: The Art of the Deal: Donald Trump’s Art of Power.

The author, Matthew Levitt, a former White House aide, is best known for his biography of Bill Clinton and his 2007 biography of the president, The Art and the Tragedy.

Levitt’s biography of Trump was a bestseller.

Trump, meanwhile, has been a frequent guest at Levitts book signings.

In an interview with the Times, Levitt said that his book has helped him understand the complex and unpredictable relationship between the president and his family.

He added that he has no regrets about making the book.

Trump’s sons have been prominent supporters of Levitt.

Ivanka Trump has called the book “a great gift” and has also used it to help the president promote her new clothing line.

The Times also said that Levitt and his wife, Anne-Marie Slaughter, have contributed to the book and will be interviewed by the Times in a future issue.

The president has been under intense pressure to end his business empire and has faced widespread criticism for not doing so.

Levitz has defended his book as providing “a clear, accurate and timely history” of Trump’s life and business.

Trump is expected to deliver his annual address on Wednesday.

Trump and the family business have faced scrutiny for years over the handling of Trump University, a now-defunct business program in which he offered students $25,000 to enroll in seminars on real estate and the art of the deal.

The program also spawned lawsuits that resulted in more than $2 billion in judgments.

The Trump Organization is still reeling from the fallout from the school’s downfall and the fallout of the Russia investigation, which the president has denied any collusion with.

Ivanka and Jared Kushner, the president’s eldest son, are now at the helm of the family real estate empire.