McKinsey to hire 1,500 more employees in 2017

McKinsey has been in talks with a number of different partners to expand its workforce in the U.S. and Canada, according to people familiar with the matter.

Those talks have intensified over the past few weeks, these people said.

McKinsey is not the only big-name employer interested in expanding its presence in the country, though.

 In a blog post published on Monday, Microsoft announced that it would be hiring more than 1,000 more employees, including at its Seattle office, to expand and grow its research and development activities in the state of Washington.

Microsoft said that it will hire as many as 2,000 people at its Washington office and the rest in other locations.

Microsoft’s announcement comes as the U, D., and P conferences continue to ramp up activity in the region.

Microsoft also plans to hire 5,000 additional employees in Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma, according a Microsoft spokesperson.

Microsoft is expanding into areas that were once considered under-served and underserved by its competitors, according the statement.

Microsoft has not announced any details on which parts of the U., D., or P conferences will be expanded or which new employees will be added.

A McKinsey spokesperson declined to comment.