Why you need an image consultant, according to the new government guidelines

The new government image guidelines are now out, and they’re going to change how you get your job.

In a new blog post, the government says it wants to simplify how people get their job and to “strengthen our image-consultant industry.”

“A clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of our image consultants is an important element of our strategy,” the government writes.

The government is also calling for more transparency and accountability for its image consultants, with the new guidelines making it easier to report instances of ethical misconduct.

“A transparent process for identifying and correcting ethical lapses will be an important component of the review,” it says.

The guidelines also include some recommendations for how businesses can help improve their image-care and compliance teams, including a call for employers to “assist in identifying potential barriers to effective image consultation.”

The government says that by creating a clear set of expectations for image consultants in the guidelines, businesses can take a more proactive role in ensuring that the images they provide are “accurate, relevant, and relevant to the employer.”