How to get your children into the best college: A guide

The Israeli government is taking steps to make sure Jewish children from a family’s first marriage get into the country’s top universities.

On Sunday, a new law allows rabbis to grant the right to apply for admission to Hebrew universities and rabbinical colleges for first marriages in cases of Jewishness.

The law also requires rabbinical schools to offer tuition subsidies of up to 15% of their tuition fees to Jewish students.

The new law also allows parents of first-marriages to apply to the government to be granted the right of residence and education in Israeli universities and colleges, which are usually reserved for non-Jews.

In recent years, Israel has seen a significant increase in the number of Jewish students applying to the countrys top universities, a phenomenon that has come to be known as the “Jew-in-the-Upper.”

Israel has a large Jewish population, with an estimated 30% of its 1.7 million Jews living in the country.

In 2013, a survey of 10,000 Jewish Israelis found that half of all those surveyed had already graduated from university.

About 40% of Jewish Israelis are employed, and over half of them are in the public sector.

The survey found that among Jews, a strong majority (76%) said they were proud to be Jewish.

A majority of Jewish people are supportive of the new law, saying it would help the country reach its goals in attracting more Jewish immigrants.

Israelis have been concerned about the increasing number of foreign students coming to the Jewish state, with some arguing that Israelis should not be the ones to decide who gets to live in their country.

The latest legislation comes after a similar law was approved in Israel last year.

The legislation allows rabbinical school applicants from a second or third marriage to apply, if they are already living in Israel.

It allows rabbinic school applicants who are already married to apply if their marriage occurred in Israel, with the stipulation that they can only be granted entry if the groom’s marriage in Israel is not already recognized.

The rabbinical college program also allows first-moms to apply in cases where their parents live in Israel and the children live with their parents.

The move comes in response to concerns over rising immigration from the Middle East.

The rabbinic college program was first proposed in 2012, and was approved by the Knesset in 2014, after a petition from the Jewish community.