How to keep your baby safe at the crib

The U.S. Secret Service is advising parents to keep their newborns at home as the virus continues to spread.

Agency officials said the Secret Service has not had any cases of the coronavirus since March but it’s looking into how to protect babies.

The agency has issued a warning for parents to make sure their babies are kept safe and not put in an unsafe environment.

They’ve also asked anyone with questions about protecting their newborn to call their local Secret Service field office.

The Secret Service said parents should also use common sense and stay home during any potential outbreaks.

The U.K.’s Department for Education is also urging parents to stay home as much as possible during any possible outbreaks.

“We can’t guarantee it will be a flu pandemic or pandemic that lasts a few days or weeks, but we can tell parents they are at greater risk,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

Parents should also follow advice from healthcare providers about their children’s temperature and sleep habits.

They should also stay home if they have respiratory symptoms.

“It’s important to remember, it’s not a flu vaccine.

It’s an important precaution,” a spokesman for the National Vaccine Information Center said.