When you can’t have a happy life: A guide to how to earn more

Women are the most likely to be left out of corporate decisions, but in a way that many women are too, according to a new study.

They are also the most underpaid for the most important decisions, such as who to bring to work.

But a study by the consulting firm Avalere Health found that while the average woman earns $12.13 an hour, the average male earns only $14.11, and women earn only 77 percent as much.

The study is a reminder that despite our high expectations, women are underpaid, and there are steps we can take to change that.


Pay less to hire less Women have historically been underpaid.

Women make up only 18 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 18 percent, or 3.7 million, of the jobs in the U.S. today.

The pay gap in the private sector, however, is even larger.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center and the McKinsey Global Institute, women make up about 23 percent of senior executives at Fortune 500 firms, and they earn 78 percent of their total compensation.

That’s more than twice the average pay gap between men and women in all industries.


Pay more for your skills Women make significantly less than men on average for many of the same jobs.

The gender wage gap is narrower for higher-paid positions, though it is still wider than it is for lower-paid jobs.

And in many industries, like finance and law, women earn less than their male counterparts.

Pay inequality is so wide that the gender wagegap could be a problem for companies and for the U