Australian company Gai Consultants to expand to Queensland

Gai Consulting is to launch a new branch in Brisbane, the company has confirmed.

Gai is one of the first new business ventures to enter Queensland in years, with the company hiring over 200 people in the past six months.

It will be the first time Gai has set up a new Queensland branch.

“We have more than 300 staff in Brisbane and we want to make sure we have the right staff for the future and make sure that we are making sure that our employees are being offered opportunities,” said Gai chief executive David Gonsalves.

Gonsalve said the new branch will be a great fit for Brisbane, with Brisbane’s booming nightlife and entertainment scene, as well as the high level of education and experience, that the area had to offer.

“Brisbane is known for having some of the highest rates of nightlife in the world, and we are really excited to be working in Brisbane,” he said.

“The opportunity to grow in Brisbane is really exciting and it’s a great opportunity for us.”

In Brisbane there are a lot of great businesses, some of them are really established, some are new, and it will be great to expand our operations and help Queensland businesses grow and create jobs.

“Gonslves said he had received a lot feedback from Brisbane residents about the company’s arrival, but said it was not just about the money.”

There are a few people that are interested, but I think we are looking at the long-term viability of this business,” he told ABC Brisbane.

Gongsale is looking to hire staff in the next few weeks to support the expansion of the business.

Gatsby Investments is also set to expand its operations in Brisbane.CEO Steve Gatsby said the company was excited to work with Gai.”

This is an excellent opportunity for Gatsbys to provide services to the greater Brisbane area,” he wrote in a statement.”

As the industry continues to move away from Brisbane, Gatsbies ability to serve the local community is critical.

“Gatsbys presence in the CBD will enhance the attractiveness of the CBD to local businesses and to residents in Brisbane.”

Gatsy Investments will be providing a range of consulting services, including training and technical support, Gainsborough and Gatsydale, while it will also help the company provide a range.

Gates said the expansion was just one part of the company plans to open a new office in the Brisbane CBD.

“I can confirm that Gatsys new Brisbane office will be located in the City of Brisbane and will be one of many businesses that will be moving into Brisbane and opening branches,” he continued.

“Our plans for Brisbane will continue to grow and our team is well-positioned to help.”

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