The Real Estate Consultation Guide

New Scientist article This article has been updated to include an explanation of the title, ‘Real Estate Consultant Guide to Renting’.

The article was written by Andrew Smith, who has been working with developers and developers’ companies for over 20 years.

We’ve received comments from readers and others in the real estate industry who think the guide has been poorly written, and we’ve also heard that some developers are concerned about how much information it contains.

We’re currently looking into this and will publish an updated version in the future.

The Real-estate Consultation Manual was developed by the Real Estate Industry Association (REIA), a trade body representing the industry.

This manual covers all the major aspects of the rental industry, including: how to market a property, negotiate with prospective tenants, and assess the property’s value.

The manual also includes a section on “reimbursement”, and includes tips on “how to make the most of your credit card”.

REIA has said it will publish a new version of the guide in the coming weeks, which will include more information on how to book an apartment or house, and a section covering the tax implications of renting out your property.

The REIA website says the manual “is the definitive guide to the real-estate industry”.

Read more about how REIA develops its guide: Real Estate Guide to Real Estate Developer: REIA FAQ